TPH&Co. Hosts Global Shale Conference

Casey ColelloNews 2013

Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. hosted a full-day “Global Shale Conference” yesterday in London, with featured speakers from government, oil field services and exploration and production companies. The prospects for meaningful shale play development in Argentina, Russia, the UK, Turkey as well as many other countries were discussed in some detail. UK Minister of State for Business and Energy Michael Fallon gave an optimistic though qualified overview of the prospects for UK shale development as well as that government’s attempts to encourage safe and environmentally friendly shale activity. Halcon CEO Floyd Wilson was also a featured speaker and offered a personal and US perspective on brisk shale play development.

The 100 plus attendees included institutional investors, private equity, industry players as well as energy and financial media. “We were extremely pleased with the quality of the speakers, the turnout, as well as the depth of the conversation around all the issues. Global shale is coming, the question is just when. The governments around the world that set in place the right structure for shale play development may potentially reap huge social and economic rewards for their citizens. TPH is extremely excited about the potential” opined David Pursell, the firm’s head of Securities.

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