Tachyus CEO Visits TPH

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Silicon Valley has arrived at TPH! We were pleased to be joined by Dakin Sloss, serial entrepreneur and the energetic, sharp-witted CEO of Tachyus Corp, a California-based oil & gas predictive analytics company founded in 2012. Tachyus offers a solution to a recurrent problem in upstream oil and gas — the reconciliation between slow-but-accurate reservoir simulators and speedy-but-imprecise data-driven models. Perhaps out of awareness of Dakin’s non-energy background (math, technology and government), Tachyus began its journey by interviewing 500+ oil & gas professionals to identify core pain points. The company’s customer base now includes 10+ E&P operators (incl. 30+ fields, 25k+ wells). Important to note that Tachyus designs its systems with the mindset that machines should only augment human experience and decision making, not replace it. This should help overcome one of the largest obstacles to widespread industry adoption of disruptive energy technologies as Silicon Valley is often criticized for attempting to disrupt industries in which it has no experience. Tachyus’ appreciation for the importance of marrying human and artificial intelligence is precisely what makes the company an attractive partner for energy industry veterans.

Deanna Zhang, Riyan Ariwibowo, Dakin Sloss, Jake Roberts