George O'LearyManaging Director, Energy Services & Equipment Research
Matthew PortilloManaging Director, E&P Research
Jeoffrey LambujonDirector, E&P Research
Taylor ZurcherDirector, Energy Services & Equipment Research
Oliver HuangAssociate, E&P Research
Dhruv KharbandaAssociate, Refining and Chemicals Research
Jake RobertsAssociate, E&P Research
Michael EndsleyAnalyst, Midstream Research
Marica MukulExecutive Assistant, Securities
Rusty D'AnnaManaging Director, Head of Sales & Trading
John HurdManaging Director, Equity Sales
David OrrManaging Director, Equity Sales
Alexis AllenDirector, Marketing, Securities
Rossana GilDirector, Securities Coordination
Kaitlyn RiceSales & Marketing Support, Securities
Scott McGarveyManaging Director, Trading
Seth WilliamsExecutive Director, Trading
Jacki HakimzadehDirector, Trading Operations
Katie RiceAnalyst, Trading Operations