Salute to This Year’s Promoted TPHers

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Dear TPH Friends,

As always, thank you for your friendship and for all you do to help us. Before the year gets away from us, I wanted to pause and send all of you a quick note regarding our recently promoted TPHers. The 22 people listed below have all distinguished themselves over a long period of time in their contributions to our team. We are so proud of them!

Thank you again for your friendship and please join me in congratulating this awesome group of people.

Best always,


Jeffrey Knupp
Managing Director, Upstream Investment Banking

Rusty D’Anna
Managing Director, Head of Sales & Trading


Matthew Blair
Managing Director, Refining and Chemicals Research

John Chapman
Managing Director, Infrastructure Investment Banking

Kirk Chatawanich
Managing Director, Chief Technology Officer, Upstream Investment Banking

Jeff Nanna
Managing Director, Upstream Investment Banking

George O’Leary
Managing Director, Oil Service Research

BJ Walker
Managing Director, OFS Investment Banking


Jake Boos
Executive Director, Upstream Investment Banking

Eric Marshall
Executive Director, Upstream Investment Banking

Olivier Piva
Executive Director, International Investment Banking


Hussein Allidina
Director, Canada Investment Banking

Joe Cavanaugh
Director, Upstream Investment Banking

Christopher Dahan
Director, Infrastructure Investment Banking / M&A

Nate Grady
Director, Upstream Investment Banking

Lauren Pattee
Director, Upstream Investment Banking


Jon Bates
Associate, Engineering, Upstream Investment Banking

Jeff LeBlanc
Associate, Engineering & Macro Research

Andrew Perry
Associate, Investment Banking

Jelena Pocuca
Associate, Investment Banking


Robert Davenport
Director, IT

Tammy Duong
Investment Banking Coordinator & Marketing Manager