Matthew BlairManaging Director, Refining and Chemicals Research
George O'LearyManaging Director, Oil Service Research
Matthew PortilloManaging Director, E&P Research
Byron PopeManaging Director, Oil Service Research
Rachel NolanExecutive Director, Research
Colton BeanDirector, Midstream Research
Jeoffrey LambujonDirector, E&P Research
Jordan McNiven, CFADirector, E&P Research Canada
Matthew MurphyDirector, Integrateds and Upstream Research
Sameer PanjwaniDirector, E&P Research
Matthew Taylor, CFADirector, Midstream Research
Taylor ZurcherDirector, Oil Service Research
Jamaal DardarAssociate, E&P Research
Oliver HuangAssociate, E&P Research
Crawford KobAnalyst, Midstream Research
Dhruv KharbandaAnalyst, Oil Service Research
Jillian MossAnalyst, Refining and Chemicals Research
Jake RobertsAnalyst, E&P Research
Katherine WebbAnalyst, Refining and Chemicals Research
Jenna Weir, CFAAnalyst, Research
Marica MukulExecutive Assistant, Securities