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Perella Weinberg Partners and Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. announced today key takeaways from their second annual global chemical conference, which was held virtually on May 18 & 19, 2021. The conference played host to a lineup of 27 presenters representing most of the markets and technologies across the global chemical sector. Participants included well established firms in the sector, such as CF Industries, Clariant, HB Fuller and Westlake, as well as technology focused companies in the chemical space, including Agilyx, OctaneX Technologies, Origin Materials and Plastic Energy. Many of the more established chemical companies represented remain focused on transforming their portfolios to varying degrees through M&A, including both asset disposals and acquisitions.

The companies generally reported successful navigation of the economic volatility linked to the pandemic, with a significant rebound now evident and expected to continue through the rest of 2021. Participants also outlined how they approached the challenges presented by logistical issues such as the recent disruption in the Suez Canal and the severe weather in Texas, US.

Discussions around new technologies were prominent throughout the event, with innovative changes linked to progressively tighter sustainability standards. Overall, this was embraced by participants and considered to be an opportunity for improving efficiency and cost management. In addition, a variety of companies illustrated how the chemical industry and its technologies are connected to secular growth trends such as electric vehicles, 5G, the energy transition and recycling.

The team at Perella Weinberg Partners and Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. wish to extend their appreciation to all of the presenters and attendees at this year’s event.