Oil States CEO Visits TPH

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It’s always fascinating to hear from an industry veteran who possesses a wealth of unique, valuable experience across a number of different oil & gas roles and Cindy Taylor certainly fits that bill, so we were incredibly lucky to host Mrs. Taylor to discuss her history in energy, from Cliffs Drilling to SCF Partners to her current leadership of OIS. Cindy’s various industry positions (operational, financial, etc.) have shaped her management style and helped inform the way she endeavors to run Oil States going forward. The businesses Oil States shed during the downturn (e.g. Accommodations, Distribution) are a reflection of the fact that Cindy is continuously learning, adapting and evolving to drive value for OIS shareholders…as are the businesses OIS has acquired through time. Accretive M&A is in Cindy’s DNA, engendered (at least partially) by her role with SCF Partners, one of (if not) the pre-eminent OFS private equity shop. The company has executed one of the most attractive M&A transactions in the space since entering the recent, protracted downturn in late 2014 in buying GEODynamics. Cindy reminded us that an acute focus on return on capital employed and earnings growth are embedded in her management style. These are also the two central drivers of OFS stock performance across the cycle. We continue to believe this is one of the top S/MID cap oil service investments out there and the recent GEODynamics acquisition only added to our enthusiasm for the name.

Byron Pope, Cindy Taylor, Dan Pickering, Patricia Gil, George O’Leary