Newfield Exploration CEO Visits TPH

Casey ColelloNews 2015

Lee Boothby, CEO of Newfield Exploration, described the parallel arc of both his career and NFX’s founders as the “building blocks” of what is now a peer group leading E&P company, an unrelenting passion for the business, and the perspective developed over two decades of conventional exploration and engineering experience combined to create a culture that is constantly motivated to dig deeper. A 16-year veteran of NFX, he has witnessed and led a series of major, transformative events – from the company’s first international foray in Australia, to its discovery of a foundation shale asset in the Midcontinent, to the portfolio refocusing on the heels of the 2008/2009 financial crisis. Key message was to maintain an urgent focus on “doing the right thing”, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable the changes required by the correct path turn out to be. Over his career, the NFX organization has demonstrated the ability to anticipate the future and make tough adjustments. Adhering to these principles has transformed what began as a conventional Gulf of Mexico player with troublesome short reserve life to an onshore Lower 48 resource play leader with multiple decades of resilient inventory.


Alie Pruner, Lee Boothby, Danny Aguirre