Legend Energy Services’ CEO Visits TPH

Casey ColelloLatest News

We were fortunate to kick off the 2018 series with a firm-wide sitdown with private Legend Energy Services founding investor and CEO Trey Ingram. The discussion proved particularly timely as Legend’s core business is focused on providing coiled tubing and pressure pumping services in high profile basins, including the Permian, Bakken and others. Mr. Ingram’s strategic philosophy, which has roots in his executive career experiences at Great White Energy Services and FedEx, is clear – run as lean and efficiently as possible (the company had zero debt entering the 2014 downturn) and leverage data and technology to deliver leading analytics-based solutions to customers. Trey’s comments reinforced a couple of prevailing “facts of life” in the business today – 1.) high spec assets really matter (higher tech, more robust coiled tubing and higher horsepower frac equipment) as lateral length and stimulation intensity grow, and; 2.) industry’s collection and use of the vast amounts of available key data to drive sophisticated analytics, while in their infancy, are critical. Mr. Ingram has built and positioned Legend as a leader on both of those key competitive fronts.

Max Barrett, BJ Walker, Trey Ingram, Alex Somers, Dave Pursell