Etech Newsletters

10/27/2020The Cost of Comfort
10/20/2020Water Matters - Why Water is at the Crux of Climate Change
10/13/2020Inception and Disruption
10/6/2020The Striking Intersection between Industrial Technology and Decarbonization
9/29/2020Actions Speak Louder Than Words
9/22/2020Diversifying Outside of Oil and Gas
9/15/2020A Salt and Battery
9/8/2020Spac Mania
9/1/2020The Call
8/25/2020The Magic of 2050
8/18/2020Where is the Outrage
8/11/2020We Need Software in Carbon Accounting
8/4/2020Raisin Bran and Green Energy
7/28/2020GHG Emissions Ranking and Reporting Step One is Admitting You have a Problem
7/21/2020The Race is On
7/14/2020Lessons from the WTO
7/7/2020The Next Wave
6/30/2020The Environmental Impact of Lockdown
6/16/2020TPH Becomes a Founding Partner of Greentown Labs in Houston
6/9/2020Three Kinds of Lies
6/2/2020How Hardware Became a Four Letter Word in VC Part 2: Adaptation
5/26/2020I Beg Your Indulgence
5/12/2020TPH Reviews "Planet of the Humans"
5/5/2020How Hardware Became a Four Letter Word in VC And Why It Shouldn't Be ... Part 1
4/28/2020Obstacles to Valuaiton
4/21/2020Clean Tech Boom and Bust Will History Repeat Itself?
4/14/2020Energy Transition, Looking in the Mirror?
4/7/2020What Happens to Deals During a Downturn? A Look at Historical Data
3/31/2020Coronavirus, Oil Price and Energy Transition
3/24/2020Houston on the Rocks
3/17/2020Energy Tech in the Face of a Recession The Need for Technology Deepens
3/10/2020The Interview
3/3/2020Positive Change in a Cyclical Industry
2/25/2020A Visit with Q
2/18/2020Going Bananas
2/11/2020Observations Around Digital Oilfield M&A in 2019
2/4/2020What Can You Buy for 1.2 Billion US Dollars
1/28/2020The Rise of Joint Partnerships - A Great Sign of the Times
1/21/2020Waste Not, Want Not
1/14/2020Building a Startup Ecosystem in Houston - Some Observations for the Next Decade of Houston-Centered Innovation
1/7/20202020 Resolution Facts not Fears
12/17/2019Sporadic Users
12/10/2019Jevons Paradox
12/3/2019Fossil Fuel Divestment - A Criticism of the "Debate"
11/26/2019A Great Thank You
11/12/2019D3: Revival Follow Up - Energy Disruptions Conference Recap
10/29/2019WABAC Machine
10/22/2019Capital is Declining
10/15/2019The Eventuality of Carbon Tracking
10/1/2019Predicting Technology - Project Gasbuggy
9/24/2019Carbon Capture, Use, Storage - A New Beginning?
9/10/2019Taxation Without Digitalization
9/3/2019The Rocks
8/27/2019Has Software Become the Digital Bandwagon?
8/20/2019Pre-Project vs. Intra-Porject Workflows
8/13/2019Why Do We Believe False Information?
8/6/2019Collingridge Was Right
7/30/2019Overcoming the Yuck Factor
7/23/2019Twenty Things to Ponder
7/16/2019Parents, Cows and Patents
7/9/2019Creating a Culture of Experimentation in Oil and Gas
6/25/2019Why Not Have Both
6/18/2019Pricing for Digital Stuff
6/11/2019Introducing the TPH iOS App
6/4/2019Open Up the Data
5/28/2019Where Do You Look To Find New Energy Technology?
5/21/2019Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. acted as exclusive financial advisor to Tachyus
5/7/2019Artificial Intelligence or Audit Impossible
4/30/2019Free Resources
4/23/2019Goldilocks and the Three Redundancies of Automation
4/16/2019MAGA Risks
4/9/2019Capturing Your 45Q
4/2/2019Derrick, Derrick, derrick…
3/26/2019The Insane Dream of Fossil Free
3/19/2019The 38th Annual CERAWeek and AGORA by IHS Markit
3/5/2019Patents Pending or Plummeting?
2/26/2019What if Coders Wrote the Laws?
2/5/2019Crypto & Energy Tech
1/29/2019The Connected User
1/22/2019Atmospheric Services Industry May Emerge from Oil and Gas
1/15/2019Digital Transformation vs. Data Types
1/8/2019Survival Planning
12/24/2018TPH Happy Holidays Video
12/18/2018Wheres the Money Pt2
12/11/2018Friedman vs Coleman
11/20/2018Wheres the Money Pt1
11/6/2018What Do Whales and Hydrogen Fuel Cells Have in Common?
10/30/2018So, you think you have AI Talent
10/23/2018Sunny Future
10/16/2018D2 Review
10/9/2018TPH E-Tech
10/2/2018The Hydrogen Economy Podcast
9/25/2018Company Spotlight ThoughtTrace and
9/18/2018What is a Library? & Company Spotlight MineralSoft
9/11/2018To Work or Not to Work & Digital Oilfield M&A Update
9/4/2018Cyberlying & Company Spotlight SitePro
8/28/2018Humble Analytics with the Right to Boast & Company Spotlight Q Engineering
8/21/2018UAV's for Oil and Gas Industries
8/14/2018Immigration and Technology & Company Spotlight Ambyint
8/7/2018CTO vs CIO & Company Spotlight Novi Labs
7/31/2018Company Spotlight OAG Analytics
7/24/2018?Arch or ?Cracy & Company Spotlight Data Gumbo and Dimond Offshore
7/17/2018Company Spotlight Emerson & Texas Retail Wind Electricty
7/10/2018Thank God for Averaging & Company Spotlight Arundo
7/3/2018Company Spotlight Well Data Labs
6/26/201845Q Down Set Hut One, Hut Two & Company Spotlight Patterson-UTI
6/19/2018Pricing for SaaS in Oil and Gas & Sooo Many Questions
6/12/2018Overly Simlified & What is Energy Tech
6/5/2018Electric Vehicles Podcast & The $60B Market
5/29/2018TPH Hotter 'N Hell Confrence Takeaways
5/22/2018Etech Chatter in E&P - Global Warming Wading In
5/15/2018Who is the User?
5/8/2018Lots of Hot Air
5/1/2018Sweat the Small Stuff
4/24/2018Soft Rags and a Gentle Touch
4/17/2018Behind the Pipe
4/10/2018TPH E-Tech