2020 has been a year of much disruption. We have experienced it in many different forms both within energy tech and across society as a whole. We have seen the damage it can cause, the pain it can inflict, and the chaos it can produce. And we have struggled with adapting to the resulting uncertainty.

But as we have seen time and time again, disruption can be the type of change that we need to make technological progress. Disruption can lead to innovation. And at the heart of innovation is a spirit of Rebellion.

Join us as we virtually celebrate our Rebellion across three different cities this year: in Houston on December 7th, in Denver on December 9th, and in Boston on December 11th. In each of those cities, we will take you on 360 degree tours of some amazing energy technologies and explore the challenges of building out different energy technology ecosystems across the United States.

For more details on the conference and to request an invite, please email d4conference@tphco.com.

Energy Technology

Energy technology is the application of technology to the generation, movement, and delivery of energy. This includes all forms of technological development, including (but not limited to) new web apps, advanced materials, data collection, machine learning, robotics, waste management, carbon capture, residential solar, industrial wind farms, hydrogen fuel cells, and much more. It is scientific knowledge having to do with the efficient and safe extraction, generation, conversion, transportation, storage and use of energy, with the ultimate goal of providing affordable energy while minimizing impacts on people and the planet. We believe the continued advancement of energy technology will bring about significant opportunities to create value for incumbents and new entrants alike, and as advisors, we hope to help our clients navigate these possibilities with honest, thoughtful evaluation and impeccable execution.

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