Cimarex Energy CEO Visits TPH

Albert De La PortillaNews 2015

Tom Jorden, Chairman, President & CEO of Cimarex Energy (NYSE: XEC) visited TPH on July 13th as part of the firm’s CEO Lunch Series. In his three years at the helm, Mr. Jorden has led the acceleration of XEC’s evolution from conventional onshore E&P to a leading Permian Basin and Anadarko Basin unconventional player. He described how the “science” orientation of XEC’s people defines the company’s culture and drives a focus on innovation and producing results. Mr. Jorden discussed how the company is currently applying this philosophy to solving the myriad logistical and subsurface challenges embedded in its vast asset portfolio in the Delaware Basin. Notably, XEC has developed and applied sophisticated lateral wellbore spatial geometry and high performance stimulation designs to its Wolfcamp and Bone Spring horizons. These enhancements have allowed XEC to realize solid full-cycle returns from its drillbit investments, despite a depressed commodity price environment.


Mark Meyer, Tom Jorden, Jeff Tillery