Hilary Foulkes Chair - TPH Canada
Richard MatthewsManaging Director, Co-Head of TPH Canada
Derek WheatleyManaging Director, Co-Head of TPH Canada
Michael HaywardExecutive Director, Investment Banking
Peter Lundberg Executive Director, Investment Banking
Hussein Allidina Director, Investment Banking
Ruby WallisDirector of TPH Canada Administration
Justin YeeDirector, Investment Banking
Brendan LinesAssociate, Investment Banking
Erick NohAnalyst, Investment Banking
Rianna RaddatzAnalyst, Engineering, Investment Banking
Aaron SwansonDirector, E&P Research Canada
Jordan McNiven, CFAAssociate, E&P Research Canada
Matthew MurphyAssociate, Integrateds and Upstream Research
Matthew Taylor, CFAAssociate, Midstream Research
Rusty D'AnnaManaging Director, Head of Sales & Trading
Harry GristExecutive Director, Sales & Trading
Scott McGarveyManaging Director, Trading
Seth WilliamsExecutive Director, Trading
Jacki HakimzadehDirector, Trading Operations
Katie RiceAnalyst, Trading Operations