Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co., LLC (TPH & Co.) is an integrated energy investment and merchant bank, providing high quality advice and services to institutional and corporate clients. The company's broker-dealers offer securities and investment banking services to the energy community and provide research coverage on more than 170 issuers worldwide. The firm’s asset management complex includes TPH Partners, which makes private investments in the energy space, and TPH Asset Management which delivers a suite of investment strategies to its investors.

The firm, headquartered in Houston, Texas, was formed through the 2007 combination of Tudor Capital and Pickering Energy Partners, Inc. and today has approximately 160 employees and offices in New York, London, Calgary and Denver.

Latest News

  • LINN Energy CEO Mark Ellis and CFO Kolja Rockov Visit TPH

    LINN Energy CEO Mark Ellis and CFO Kolja Rockov spoke to the TPH crew October 15th and outlined the Company’s remarkable progression into one of the most active U.S. upstream players. 2014 has been a pivotal year as several transactions realigned the asset portfolio, strengthened the balance sheet and achieved cost savings.

  • TPH Advises Cleco Corporation on Sale to Investor Group led by Macquarie and bcIMC

    Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. serves as financial advisor to Cleco Corporation (NYSE: CNL) on sale to North American investor group led by Macquarie and bcIMC for $4.7 billion. For Cleco's press release regarding this transaction, please click here.

  • WPX Energy CEO Rick Muncrief Visits TPH

    Monday, October 13th, WPX Energy CEO Rick Muncrief provided an update on the Company's strides forward. Last week, a new strategic program was unveiled to better focus the business and enhance returns. The discussion covered internal growth opportunities as well as potential acquisition strategies.

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Our Vision

  • Have the best, most in-depth and incisive Energy equity research in the market
  • Have a sales force that leverages that research into leading market share
  • Have a trading desk that executes at the highest standards
  • Participate in every equity underwriting which we feel we can support, with economics that reflect our relative value-added
  • Have the leading energy M&A Advisory franchise, as measured by market share and profitability
  • Have the leading Energy Asset Management business, as measured by risk-adjusted returns
  • Be the “Employer of Choice” in Energy Financial services

Our Culture

Love Your Clients - Without them, we’re not in business. Worry about them. Spend time with them. Serve them well.

Tell the Truth - Our business hinges on our reputation and our reputation hinges on both our ability and our integrity. There is no integrity without the truth.

Say “We,” not “I” - The power of our business is in the ability to leverage all of us.

Take Responsibility - When bad things happen, ask “What can I learn?” and “What’s the opportunity?” Be forthright, make amends, and move on.

Share the Credit - You’ll get more help from others, and you’ll be more effective.

Keep Some Perspective - Don’t take yourself, or the firm, too seriously. Make sure your family comes first. Take your vacation. Enjoy each other. Laugh a lot.